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Professional Speaking Topics
I throughly enjoy working with small and large groups, in your location, at
conferences, or company meetings.  I have developed several sessions
that can be tailored to your specific audience and needs.  

If there is a topic not listed that you want to offer, then let's talk about
creating a custom session to meet your requirements!
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Aligning Your Life With What Matters Most

Jim Hopkins uses a deck of value cards to focus participants on what
really is most important in their lives, and then takes them on a
values test flight to aid in prioritizing.  Finally participants work on
actionable items that increase alignment with what matters most in

Key issues covered include:

•        Separating What Matters Most to Me Versus Others
•        Narrowing Down and Prioritizing Beliefs
•        Living Reality or Fantasy
•        Changing The Future
Building Leaders and Empowering People

Jim Hopkins will illustrate for participants the importance of the
building skill development programs for management & leadership.  
Participants will begin creating training plans for interpersonal
communication skills for all levels of staff.

Key issues covered include:

•        Building Leaders That Fit Your Mission
•        Starting Early Development of People Skills
•        Mentoring – Model the Expectation
•        Empowering A Workforce
Managing Time for Effective Meetings

Jim Hopkins utilizes information taken from participants in the
meeting to discuss specific problems they are encountering that are
preventing effective meetings within their organizations.

•        Planning and the Use of Agendas
•        Prioritizing Events & Outcomes
•        Managing Participant Behavior
•        Training Others to Follow Your Lead
Performance Solutions That Perform

organizations to identify causes that are preventing optimal
performance. Participants will learn the questioning and listening
skills necessary to uncover the causes and then match appropriate

Key issues covered include:

•        Listening with Our Ears Open and Our Mouths Closed
•        What is Happening versus What needs to Happen
•        Training Doesn’t Fix Everything
•        What are the other 12 Performance Causes?
"Successfully Communicate So Others Perform"

Jim Hopkins uses content from workplace behaviors identified in the
Social Style model, so participants begin to realize the pluses and
minuses that everyone and every style brings to the work
environment.  Learning how to identify and manage these behaviors
is key to increasing personal productivity.

Key issues covered include:

•        Knowing Yourself & Controlling Your Behaviors
•        Learning What Motivates Others
•        Doing for Others so Results are Produced
•        Measuring Your Effectiveness
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“I have worked with Jim
Hopkins on a number
of occasions and have
found his delivery style
and program content to
be of excellent quality. I
would highly
recommend Jim's

Liz Wilson, EVP
Washington Bankers
Jim is an experienced
and skilled learning
and OD executive who
understands the
significance of
developing managers
to meet today's complex
requirements. His
depth of expertise in
developing highly
successful learning
environments is widely
recognized and

Jerry Walls,
Executive Director,
Entertainment Group
“High Impact Leadership Development”
- Half Day Workshop

Leave the session with the ability to:
•        Identify what programs benefit from coaching and mentoring
•        Establish criteria for the selection of coaches and mentors
•        Establish responsibilities for coaches and mentors in the
    learning process
•        Implement High Impact Leadership Development in your