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Consulting Services
Jim Hopkins has been a Training Development
Professional since 1990 and has hands on experience in
Delivery, Design, Performance Consulting and various
Leadership Roles.

The following services represent just a few of the
things we can engage in with your organization.
Training Physical

Unlike most departments within a company the training function often is a
self-auditing group.  This methodology is being examined by what we call brave
organizations that want genuine performance improvement and will bring in a third
party to evaluate their internal resources.

We look at four core areas when we conduct a complete training review, and yet any
of these areas could be reviewed individually.

Workforce Competencies - Do your employees have the necessary skills to
preform the required functions, and do you have the right amount of people given
the work requirements?

Technology Utilization - Are you using the learning technologies you have
purchased to their full potential and/or are there technologies that should be
implemented to increase efficiencies and productivity?

Inventory Analysis & Vendor Management - The training storage room is one of
the scariest places on earth as we often have no idea what we have in place or
available.  Likewise with vendor agreements, many times a lot is left on the table
and should be reviewed regularly against current needs.

Strategic Training Plan - Does the annual training plan exist, and is it in alignment
with the company's strategic plan?  Does the plan get communicated, monitored
and evaluated on a regular schedule?  What are the goals and objectives of your
training department?
Performance Consulting &
Training Need Analysis

The first phase of any activity to evaluate employee performance is to look at the
entire process.  The process of performance consulting looks at all the issues, thus
all the solutions.  Only 50% of the time will a training intervention be needed, and yet
most organizations will apply training without checking to make sure it is necessary
or will have any impact.

When training is identified as part of the solution, then often the function of the
manager or instructional designer will be to perform a training needs analysis.  
This step will determine the components of the training solution(s).
Program Development

Are you ready to launch a customer service program, sales program, or
management / leadership development program?  So often these initiatives are left
in the hands of the training class with little support for the whole effort.  

We can develop not only a blended learning approach to the skills being developed,
but assist you in identifying all of the pre and post activities to make your program a
Training Plan Development

We can either create your strategic training plans and career development plans
ourselves, partner with your employees and develop them together, or train your
people to perform the function with us acting in a coaching capacity.  

We prefer to work with you in a partnership, as you are learning we are able to
support your efforts and there is no need to return annually for this project.  If we
teach you how to fish, we feed you for life.
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