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Executive Coaching
Management Coaching

More and more these days, people are being promoted because of their subject
matter expertise, and not the tenure or experience in management and leadership
roles.  This is a fact of life with the rapid retirements of the baby boomer generation,
that leaves so many without a life line.

Rather than let people try to survive on their own, give them a life-line to an Executive
Coach so they continue to be successful in their careers!
Facilitator Coaching

When was the last time your trainers were coached on their presentation and
facilitation skills?  Assuming that they were provided with training in these skills,
most trainers will admit that without observation and coaching, time will weather
away the skills of even the best trainers.  

Observation, followed by written and verbal feedback from an experienced facilitator
who has managed trainers can really ignite the fire that may have diminished over
Training Manager Coaching

Best case scenario, a new training manager comes from the ranks of the facilitator
and/or designer role, or maybe an organizational development consultant.  Worse
case is they have no training background and are thrown into the role for
developmental purposes.

This vital role often finds singular subject matter expertise without training
management experience.  Designing Strategic Training Plans, Vendor
Management, Learning Management Systems are all difficult to manage with the
right experience, so what happens when you are left to struggle with out the
needed tools.

As a former Chief Learning Officer, Jim knows how to build and repair training
organizations.  He is a master at teaching others how to do the same.  As a coach,
he brings out the best of the individual to develop their own style and keeps them
focused on their goals and objectives.
Engaging the services of a coach is one of the best ways to
build individual competencies, and push for optimal

Jim creates a trusting rapport with anyone he works with, so
that feedback can be exchanged to build and empower.

Jim works a coaching schedule that requires more time initially,
and tapers off as time progresses.  He uses a combination of
in person sessions, telephone session, and on-call availability.

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