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“Jim has been a wonderful business partner for NetSpeed Learning Solutions.
He is always responsive, enthusiastic and passionate about our collaborative
projects. Jim is a skilled, conscientious, consultant with the highest integrity.  

We have relied on his knowledge of the banking industry as we've developed
clients in the financial services arena. He invariably puts the needs of his clients
ahead of his own needs when recommending products and services. We value
his commitment and integrity and highly recommend his services.”

Cynthia Clay, President/Founder, NetSpeed Learning Solutions

“Jim is one of the smartest people I know, and incredibly customer-focused. He
is an amazing marketing mind, but more importantly, he is always looking out for
the needs of his customers and his business partners.

Jim is totally unselfish and gives of himself all the time. He is gracious, incredibly
well organized and always quick to respond to customers and colleagues in
need of his fine analytical mind. I would hire Jim in a heart beat if I could.

Tim Jones, Vice President, NetSpeed Learning Solutions

“I have worked with Jim Hopkins on a number of occasions and have found his
delivery style and program content to be of excellent quality. I would highly
recommend Jim's services.”

Liz Wilson, Executive Vice President, Washington Bankers Association

“Jim has a keen understanding of the role of education and leadership
development in the corporate environment. He established and led the
organizational development efforts at Fremont and was responsible for making
learning one of the core values at the company.

As the CLO, he built and led one of the best Corporate Learning & Development
teams in the banking industry. It was a pleasure to work with Jim.”

John Luttrell, Manager, Instructional Design, Fremont Investment & Loan

“Jim is excellent at determining training needs and positioning best solutions by
utilizing internal and external resources. His in-depth knowledge on the subject
of training makes him an incredibly valuable member of any company he is
involved with.

As a leader, consultant and knowledgeable person truly concerned about
successful outcomes - you will not find anyone better.”

Gary Hill, Western Regional Client Executive, Tooling U

“Jim is very clear on his learning outcomes and holds his staff and vendors to
high standards. Jim thinks globally and acts locally, ensuring all of the resources
I needed were on hand. He is very easy to work with, returning voice messages
and email promptly.

I enjoy our working relationship and know that I can count on Jim for accurate
information with a constant focus on the bottom-line result.”

Nancy Duling, Training Consultant, Nancy Duling Consulting

“Jim is a highly experienced and skilled learning and OD executive who
understands the significance of developing managers to meet today's complex
business requirements. His depth of expertise in developing highly successful
learning environments is widely recognized and respected.”

Jerry Walls, Executive Director, Anschutz Entertainment Group

“Jim is the best manager I have ever worked for. He challenged me to take on
new projects and he was always there when I needed him. He is extremely fair
and honest to all employees. In addition to keeping our department running
smoothly, he always looked forward to new ways to enhance our training
offerings and in turn improve the bottom line of the company.

Jim is responsible for helping many people move forward in their careers. I
highly recommend him as a manager as well as a friend.”

Vickey Walston, AVP, Fremont Investment & Loan

"Jim developed many of the successful training programs we used at all levels.
From the design of programs to class room facilitation, Jim always had the
learner front of mind! Jim’s communication style is one of his strongest qualities,
open, honest and direct. It is my hope we can work together again!”

Bob Clafford, Senior Vice President, Fremont Investment and loan
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